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Bio Botanical

Bio Botanical provides high-quality kratom and strive to provide only the most premium products for their customers. They manufacture safer botanical products from their natural sources in Indonesia. Bio Botanical has several lines of products with trendy and eye-catching marketing, so I needed to create a website that built on that. Their products help take people to another mindset, and I wanted the website to do the same.


The homepage pulls branding elements and expands upon them– throughout the design I pulled in patterns from bottles, bold colors and modern typography. I made the products front and center while also pulling in images of nature and trendy design elements. I designed sections with motion in mind– imagine the kratom leaves floating in or moving in relation to the mouse. The overall goal of this homepage was to get users to shop featured products and also learn about who Bio Botanicals is and why they should buy from them. I think that it came out as a really modern and interesting design that is still easy to navigate.